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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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the next four years of their lives. it is also about the kind of country we want to be and what we want to leave behind for future generations. people have to decide if we are going to make our economy work for everyone or just those at the top. are we going to bring people itgether or take -- p americans against each other. i would work with our allies to keep us safe or are we going to put a loose cannon in charge who would risk everything? i have a lot of confidence in the american people and in our country. my opponent keeps writing us down saying we are a week disaster. every time he says things like that, i think about her strength in the face of cancer or martha and sarah in the face of their
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health challenges. and that little boy in flint who gets up every day and goes to school even though he can't drink the water. my opponent has america all wrong. there is nothing we can't do when we come together as one nation. [cheers] the american dream is big enough for everyone. if you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage, that no one who works full-time should have to raise the child in poverty, join us. if you believe that every man, woman and child in america has a right to affordable health care and women should be free to make our own health decisions, join us. [cheers] if you believe you're working
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mother, wife, sister or daughter deserves equal pay, join us. [cheers] last 55lved in these days. go to hillary or 7246.we need 4 volunteers north carolina. we can't do this without you. remember, the presidential race is not the only one this fall. we have a lot of important statewide races. and assenttogether deborah ross to represent the people in the senate. starting on october 20, you can register and vote early at the same time. anyone stop early voting site. the heat is on. spread the word. tell your friends, family, neighbors, if you share our
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vision for america's future, come be part of helping us shape it. we do not have a minute to lose. we have so many blessings. it is our job to deliver on those. and to make sure every single person and every child, no as part ofthey are the american dream [cheers] . let that be our message. let that be our mission. please come out and help us fight for you. fight for our children and families. let's make america all that it should be. thank you and god bless you. [cheers] ♪
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it is great to be back on the trail in north carolina. to give agreensboro positive personal speech about my vision for the future of our country and why i so strongly believe we are stronger together because i want to give americans something to vote for, not just against. with all the noise and distractions, it is important to inus on what really matters the election. this is about the kind of country we want to be. whether we will make the economy for for everybody and not just those at the top. whether we will bring people together or put americans against each other. whether we will work with our allies to keep us safe or put a loose cannon in charge he would risk everything. the campaign focused on opportunities for kids.
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that's been because of my life. it will be the passion of my presidency. we are offering ideas, not insults. plans that will make a real difference in people's lives. not prejudice and paranoia. as you know, my opponent is running a very different campaign. is a pastorarget in point, michigan. who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit for political attacks. he called her a nervous mess. that is not only insulting, it is dead wrong. reverend faith grinned chairman's -- green tim a it's not a nervous mess. she deserves better than that. flint deserves better. so does america. i'm going to keep working as hard as i can to lift up our country, not tear it apart. i believe there is so much more that unites us than divides us. i believe with all my heart that
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the american dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise. forrmined to be a president democrats, republicans and independents. all americans to roll up our sleeves and solve problems and make positive differences in people's lives. with that, i would be happy to answer your questions. >> [indiscernible] >> i have always said that this is going to be a tight race. i have said it from the very beginning. when i was up or down. it did not matter. those are the kinds of presidential elections we have in america at this point in our history. proud of the campaign that we have put together. i feel like we are in a strong
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position going into these last few weeks. what matters is who registered to vote and who is motivated and mobilize to turn out to vote. everything --eep doing everything i can to deliver my message at what is state that this election. my campaign is going to work hard every day to turn out every voter we possibly can. that is our goal and strategy. [indiscernible] >> this has been such a terrible conflict and the humanitarian cost is incalculable. kerry'sd secretary
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persistent efforts to try to reach some kind of an agreement with the russians in order to eriod of cessation of hostilities in order to get humanitarian assistance into a aleppo in other places in syria. whether this works is up to the russians. it is up to whether or not vladimir putin decides it is time to do what the russians can conflict into a could there there beginning of political discussions. the hope for protective zones for people who are under relentless assault from the air
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and a commitment to going after the terrorist group that pose a threat to everyone. i'm going to watch this closely. determine by the russians whether or not they decided is in their best interest to pursue this agreement. >> [indiscernible] newy senior staff information was provided to a number of people. this was an ailment that many people just power through that is what i thought as well. i did not want to stop and i did
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not what do quit campaigning. i did not want to miss the 9/11 memorial as a senator at that time. i consider it a sacred moment. i was determined to get there. it did not work out. antibiotics up and going and got the rest i needed and we are going on from there. >> [indiscernible]
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>> i communicated with tim. i talked with him last night. he has been a great partner and is going to be a great vice president. we communicated. not going to go into our personal conversations and i feel very comfortable and confident about our relationship. i really look forward to working with him closely. >> [indiscernible] >> my campaign has said that they could have been faster. i agree with that. be asainly expect them to
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focused and quick as possible. say from my thought i was going to be fine and i thought there was not really any reason to make a big fuss about that. time offhave taken earlier. i did not. now i have. i am back on the campaign trail. [applause] -- >> [indiscernible] >> i think it is important to be constantly reaching out and this
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into and learning from leaders and i was pleased be able to find the time to meet with several of them which i intend to do to hear firsthand their perspective about what they see happening in the world today. answer their questions from what i think is happening whether to syria or anywhere else. there's a lot going on in the world. long standing step of relationships -- set of relationships that go back to secretary of state and first lady and i think it is important to attend to those relationships and i will not be able to have as many meetings because of the press of the campaign as i have had in prior years. i'm looking forward to the once we are scheduling. thank you all very much. c-span's washington journal live every day with news and
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policy issues that impact you. coming up on friday morning, a look at clinton and donald trump's campaign donations. i look with meredith mcgehee. mr.n kirk i can hold -- ichenwold will talk about the global initiative. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. during the discussion. >> tomorrow on the road to the white house, donald trump will appear at his new hotel in washington dc, the trump international, just blocks from the white house. we will have that event for you live starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. in the afternoon, miller schama -- michelle obama will stump for hillary clinton. watch that live at 3:00 p.m. eastern.
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after a campaign stop in north carolina this afternoon, click clinton traveled to washington dc where she joined president barack obama and headlining the congressional hispanic caucus annual awards gala. [cheers] pres. obama: buenas noches! [cheers] it is always great to be there -- here. with one of the most festive,
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maybe a little wild caucuses in congress. especially to kick off hispanic heritage month. i want to thank michelle for her introduction and leadership. give it up for your outstanding congresswoman linda sanchez. [cheers] chci's new president and ceo. [cheers] and all the tremendous public servants we have to tonight, especially everybody in the congressional hispanic caucus. amen. i have to admit that i'm having trouble accepting that this is my final trip as president. [boos]
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on the bright side, michelle is not having trouble accepting it. [laughter] i love you too. [cheers] it is hard to believe that it was eight years ago i came here as a candidate for this office. i had no gray hair. [laughter] i said we could create opportunity not just for those at the top, but everybody who is willing to work hard. so they can afford health care and college and retirement and give the kids a better life. sarah palin called that hopey changey stuff. [laughter] i'm back here as president to say thank you. thank you for your support, friendship, your tireless effort to deliver on that promise. [cheers]
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for all the places that we have fallen short, and for all the work that remains to be done, i am back here tonight were optimistic about the future of america than i have ever been. why not? together, we falter way back from the worst recession in 80 years. we turned around and economic freefall, we helped lift our auto industry to set new records, our businesses created more than 15 million new jobs. we declared that helps klara stop a privilege for a few but they right for everybody. -- health care is not a privilege for a few that a right for everybody. we have secured health insurance for another 20 million americans including 4 million hispanic americans. [cheers] our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high.
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more hispanic students are graduating high school and college than ever before. we have strengthened our relationship with mexico and central america. opened up a new chapter with the people of cuba. marriage equality is the law of the land. [cheers] just this week we discovered how much our efforts are starting to pay off in ways that really matter to american families. thanks obama. [cheers] we learned that last year across every race, every age group in america, incomes rose and poverty fell. [cheers]
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the typical household income grew by about $2800. single biggest one-year increase on record. we lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty. the largest one-year drop since 1968. [applause] the number of americans without health insurance continues to fall. in each of these areas, a few americans made some of the larger gains. the fastest income growth, the biggest drop in the poverty rate, all in all, has been a families are feeling more optimistic about the prospects today than they did it years ago. -- 8 years ago. [cheers] by so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started this
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journey together. we could not have done it without the congressional hispanic caucus who has been with me every step of the way. none of this was easy. there were some tough years. you have fiscal shutdowns and government shutdowns. pandemics and oil spills. pirates. you all remember the pirates? the only thing we have not had to deal with is aliens or asteroids. [laughter] should not have mentioned the aliens. [laughter] we overcame all that. we overcame all that and we proved that change does not happen overnight. even over the course of one presidency, but change is possible. progress is possible.
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si se puede. we are here tonight because we know we have more work to do and if we put in the effort, change can happen. you know firsthand the challenges we still face. challenges that often affect latino communities harshly. when governors refused to expand medicaid, that his latinos harder than most. when folks blocked the increase in minimum wage or refuse to expand paid medical leave, that hurts the pocketbooks of millions of hispanic families. we have to make sure this recovery reaches all americans. we have to help more students, not just get to college but finished college. we have to reform our criminal justice system. we have to protect our children and the madness of gun violence. yes, we have to finally make meaningful, effective immigration reform a reality.
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[cheers] i'm proud of the executive action i have taken to modernize the system. i'm proud of the work we have done to help show more than 740,000 dreamers that the country they grew up in, the country they love believes that they are worthy of this country's letting just like your kids and my kids. -- blessing just like your kids and my kids. [cheers] if we are going to fix this broken system, then we could do have to push back against bluster and falsehoods and promises of higher walls. we need a comprehensive solution that works for our families, businesses, that grows our economy and enhances our culture.
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we need an approach that upholds our tradition as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. it is possible to do that. it is possible to insist on a lawful and orderly system while still seen students and hard-working parents as not criminals or rapist, but families who came here for the same reason that all immigrants came here, to work and learn and build a better life. [cheers] look, throughout this political season, the talk around these issues is deeper than years past. the little more personal. a little meaner. little uglier. folks are betting that if they can drive us far enough apart and put down enough of us because of where we come from or what we look like or what religion we practice, and that
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may pay off at the polls. that is it that they are going to lose. we have seen this kind of ugliness and anger before. that kind of politics. that may carry in the short term, i know that there are a lot of folks who have this notion of what the real america looks like. somehow it only includes a few of us. but who is going to decide who the real america is? who is to determine that in this nation of immigrants, a nation where unless you are a native american, you came here from someplace else -- [cheers] that you have a greater claim than anybody here.
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we cannot let that brand of politics when. -- win. if we band together and organize our communities and deliver enough votes, than the better angels of our nature will carry the day and progress will happen. it will take all of us. this is not something that a president can do alone. not something the next president will be able to do alone either. no matter how tough she is. [cheers] we have to work to get a congress that is willing to act on immigration reform. that means we need more than just the people in this room. we will need some fresh faces under the capitol dome. it is going to take work on all of our hearts. -- parts. i have faith.
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every time i have fallen short or faced doubts or been taught a tough lesson or expansion loss, what got me through it has been you. you have picked me up. it is knowing i have allies like linda and rubin and charlie fighting tooth and nail on the hill and back in the home states even on tough votes. it is knowing that you are fostering the next generation of leaders, including more than 40 of your fellows that have helped lead the way in my administration. [cheers] it is knowing through doing folks like -- you are doing folks like diego -- giving folks like diego a chance. [cheers] when he was seven years old, he
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moved to arkansas from mexico with his parents. his dad took a job preparing and building wooden pallets. his dad opened up his own business a few years later. diego was waking up at 5:00 a.m. working through high school. they do not have a lot of money but they had believed. if you come here and work hard, eventually you will succeed. today, thanks to daka, diego is the first in his family to graduate college. [cheers] now he is a fellow here at chci and monday he was to go into government himself and make things that are for not just latino kids, but every single person in the united states.
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it is young people like that could keep me going. folks who prove that immigrants not changing the american character, but are the american character. [cheers] the dreamer is full of optimism. moms and dads working long hours to give the kids a better shot. entrepreneurs who came here to start new businesses and put americans to work. the teachers and nurses and lawyers who wake up at the crack of dawn to get ahead. the folks who clean up after us and the folks who care for our grandparents. [applause] the folks who are so proud of this country that they carry a pocket constitution in their breast pocket. that is the america i know. thank you for picking me up every step of the way. thank you for making this country great.
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we have more work to do. we will keep on making progress and create a brighter future for everybody. si se puede. thank you. thank you, chci. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [cheers] ♪
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back,ase welcome congresswoman linda sanchez. ♪
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>> good evening. are you having a good time? [cheers] excellent. tonight, i have the privilege of introducing a truly inspiring leader. a woman that i have great respect and admiration for. someone who exemplifies what it means to be a modern woman. simply put, she is bad ass. [cheers] from providing health care to millions of children and fighting public schools -- segregation, hillary clinton workgroup will endlessly -- worked relentlessly to achieve progress. she has done all of this and much more under a constant barrage of petty attacks from those who are intimidated by her intelligence and ability. [cheers]
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throughout it all, her commitment to a better future of this country has never wavered. she believes that our country's best days are ahead of us, not behind us. her health care bill for children helped cover countless children and think to that law, our kids are stronger and healthier. her support of immigration reform opens a past to the american dream for all people in this country to work hard and contribute to their communities everything a day. hillary clinton has helped laze trails and rejected the status quo for women all across the country. she has empowered the next generation to dream bigger and achieve more. soon, latinas like my nieces will see the highest glass ceiling come crashing down when we swear in our next and first
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female president. [cheers] that is why i'm with her. hillary clinton's vision of success does not discriminate. that is something that cannot be said about her opponent. her opponent has ignorantly and relentlessly attacked our community. his poisonous rhetoric inspires in all the wrong ways encouraging kids to bully latino students. he has not gone just after integrins -- immigrants, he went after it distinguished american judge who was mexican. in his eyes, we will never be american enough. i believe the results of this election will impact the trajectory of our country and have lasting impacts for the latino community. the choices cannot be cleared. democracy -- could not be
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clearer. democracy is not a spectator sport. we must get in the game. join me in welcoming back our friend, hillary clinton. [cheers] ♪ mrs. clinton: hello! [cheers]
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hello, chci. [cheers] it is so great to be back here with some a friends and to see so many young people here because that fits the theme this year, educate, engage, but -- vote. i can't think of better merchant orders of the next 54 days. -- marching orders for the next 54 days. anyone who just heard the congresswoman know that we cannot be on the sidelines. this is the most consequential election in our lifetime. i want to recognize the institute for all that you did to inspire the next generation of latino leaders. [cheers] last year, i had the chance to spend time with some of the ch
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ci interns and fellas. it was like seeing the future of america in one room. i can't wait to see everything that they achieve and i can't wait if i'm fortunate to be president to put some of them to work. [cheers] i want to thank all of my friends in the congressional hispanic caucus. you fight every single day to lift up the latino community. when the cameras are rolling and when the cameras are off. at home in your districts and inside washington. no one understands better than you the pivotal moment we are at. not just for latinos but for our country. my friends and the caucus had traveled to every battleground state.
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registered voters. you stay focused the matter what kind of outlandish comments we have heard from my opponent and his supporters. by the way, i personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious. [cheers] here is a confession, running for president is never easy. it should not be. right? tonight, i have the ultimate challenge, speaking after president obama. he is always a tough act to follow. in more ways than one. i for one don't think the president gets the present -- credit he deserves for rescuing our economy from another great depression. [applause] think of what we've achieved
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these last eight years. american businesses have created 15 million new jobs since the recession. 20 million americans have health coverage. no one has seen a bigger drop in uninsured rates under the affordable care act them latino americans. [applause] we got more good news this week. a report came out showing that poverty is going down and incomes for american families are going up and latino families have seen the biggest increase of all. that does not mean we rest on our laurels by any stretch. our work is far from finished. i am more confident than ever that our best days are still ahead.
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i believe with all my heart that the american dream is alive and it is big enough for everyone to share its promise. [applause] that does not mean that lots of people are still not hurting. because i know they are. when you hear a presidential candidate doing bigotry and hate, it is easy to get discouraged. we are here because we know the election is a choice between not just two people, that two very different visions for america's future. either we going to -- are going to make our economy for for everyone or just those at the top. either we're going to fear our differences or embrace and celebrate our diversity.
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either we're going to pit americans against each other and deepen the divide were going to be stronger together. [cheers] today, as you know, we are in the nets -- midst of hispanic care tips month. in classrooms across america, children will study cesar chavez, joaquin castro, justice sotomayor, roberto clemente. gloria at stephan ann callis others. -- and countless others. [cheers] names we know and things we may not know. every one of whom has enriched this country for generations.
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whether you are mexican, puerto rican, latin american, afro latino, whether you are -- your family just arrived or has been here since the united states even existed, you are not strangers. you are not in treaters. you are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, families. you make our nation stronger, smarter, more creative. i want you to know that icu and i am with you -- icu -- i see you and i am with you. when we invest in the community and make it possible for latinas to get the health care you need, the education you desire, compete for jobs, start new businesses, pursue your dreams,
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all of america benefits. as i said this afternoon, we are in the final stretch of the election. i intend to close my campaign the way i began my career. fighting for kids and families. that has been the cause of my life and it will be the passion of my presidency. [cheers] tonight, i want to mention two things i will do. help families every corner of america. first, we need to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. there is something wrong when latinos are 17% of our country's population but hold only 2% of
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the wealth. we have to work together to connect more latinos with good jobs that pay good wages. with more opportunities to get the skills they need to go to college, to launch new ventures, to build wealth that can be passed on to your kids and grandkids. we are going to make in my first 100 days the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii. jobs and infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, clean energy. we are going to cut red tape and taxes and expand access to capital for small businesses, including the latino owned small businesses that create so many jobs and so much growth to communities everywhere. [applause] i want to give a particular shout out to latina small business owners. [cheers] not everyone knows this, but you
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are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in america. we are going to put families first with new solutions that reflect the way people live and work today. supporting families with paid family leave, earned sick days and affordable childcare. it is not a luxury, it is a necessity. when families are strong, america is strong. that brings me to another important family issue. in those first 100 days, i will send a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform to the congress. [cheers] my proposal will keep families together and it will include a pass -- path to citizenship.
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i know this is not the first time you have heard it. people have been making the same promise for more than a decade. i believe that some things are too important to give up on. i have been called a lot of things, i've never been called a quitter. in this election, we have a chance to show that comprehensive immigration reform isn't just the smart thing to do, is what the american people demand. you know how we will show that? i hope to have a democratic congress next january. [applause] on my first day in office, i will reach out to republicans and say, this is your chance. this is your chance to help millions of families and show
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that your party, the party of lincoln is better than donald trump. [cheers] while we are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, we are going to keep families together. when the deadlocked supreme court put dapa and put daka on hold for immigrants, but the court did not rule on the substance of the case. as i have said, repeatedly, i believe doppler -- dapa and expanded daka are within the president's authority. i will protect them and keep fighting for them. in addition to defending them, there is more we can do. we need to have a simple, straightforward system where other people with sympathetic
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cases who are contributing to their communities can make their case. and be eligible for deferred action. people with experience and report extreme labor abuses. we will not stop there. we are going to end family detention, close private detention facilities and stop the raids and roundups. [cheers] no child should have to say goodbye to their parents every morning not knowing if their mom or dad be there when they get home. here is the bottom line, comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do, but it will add $700 billion to our economy and enable america to be what it has always been, a place where people from around the world can
11:59 pm
come to reunite with families, start new businesses, pursue their dreams, apply their talents to the growth of america. this has been a long road and we would not be where we are today without your persistence and the quiet courage of families in every state of our union. we certainly would not be here without the bravery of the young women and men who have risked a very place in the united states by coming forward and fighting for their future and the future of millions of others. they helped change the conversation. when president obama created daka, it changed their lives. 750,000 undocumented young people are going to school working and planning for their future. they are dreamers. much more than name. i have met so many come i have listened to the stores. they have done everything we
12:00 am
have asked of them. they made our country stronger in return. when donald trump promises to rip that all away on day one, when he promises to round up and deport all of the 16 million people living and working among us, including american citizen children who were born to do parents who were undocumented, these are the faces i see. i picture astrid silva who i met in las vegas. many of you know her story. she came to this country from mexico at the age of four with nothing but a dull -- doll. now she is in her 20's. advocating for the rights of immigrants everywhere. i picture a young man i never met. whose highoo